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Building sector

For the construction of galleries along apartments, tropical hardwoods are frequently used. In such applications, GluGreen® products can be used for the wooden beams and the deckings. Please contact GluGreen BV about the possibilities.

GluGreen finger-jointed products are suitable for applications in the construction sector


GluGreen® products can be used in garden applications, for example in deckings, fencings and posts. The GluGreen® Technology enhances the stability and straightness. In addition, discussions regarding the length specifications are history when using GluGreen® products. The reliable GluGreen® Technology supports the choice for durable, strong, beautiful, sustainably produced tropical hardwood in gardens.

GluGreen finger-jointed products are ideal for sheet piling

GluGreen finger-jointed products could be used well in garden applications

Structural timber

Tropical hardwood is often used in structural applications in the hydraulic sector. Piles, sheet pilings and heavy beams are typical examples. GluGreen® products are suitable for many of these applications. For structural applications, the reliability and the strength of the gluing is of the utmost importance. The stability and straightness of GluGreen® products gives the user an important advantage.

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