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Innovative breakthrough: GluGreen Technology

GluGreen B.V. in Helmond has developed in close cooperation with a patented technology for green timber in a reliable an durable way. The advantages of the process of using finger-joints are familiar to the market, but nowadays also green tropical hardwood could be connected! Even the gluing of the heaviest green timbers like Massaranduba, Angelim vermelho and Azobé (Ekki) has good results. That’s really a wood innovation!

In the last two years we learned a lot of the gluing process in practice. Therefore GluGreen is ready for your requests.

The GluGreen® Technology has also positive impact on the environment. Short timber pieces could be connected by the GluGreen® Technology, resulting in a stable product. Therefore saw mills could also use their shorts: that means more timber for the export markets from the same forest!

The founding partners of GluGreen are well-known companies, which are all active in producing and trading FSC tropical hardwoods: Mevo Houtindustrie, Precious Woods, Regge Hout and Wijma Kampen, together with TNO and Delft Patents.

This technology is developed for exterior uses like the building sector, garden sector and the hydraulic sector. You can find more information on the website

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