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The Technology

The GluGreen® Technology is the result of several years of research and development. In close cooperation with TNO in Delft (Netherlands), a number of tropical FSC-producing and importing timber traders joint forces and developed and patented this innovative technology. Mevo Houtindustrie contributes by sharing its specific knowledge of, and experience with, gluing (tropical) timber. The technology is specifically developed for gluing (heavy) green tropical hardwoods for structural purposes. By combining several innovations this technology has been substantially improved compared to the conventional process of finger-jointing of seasoned timber. The result of this new, patented technology is a reliable, strong and durable green tropical hardwood finger-joint.

Read here the TNO ‘Summary of Research’

GluGreen® finger-jointing process

GluGreen® wood products are straight and stable. In addition, there is a lot of flexibility in available lengths. Depending on the crosscut section of your timber, a length up to 12 linear meters is possible. Ask us for the possibilities.

By finger-jointing ’shorts’, GluGreen produces valuable long length products. ‘Shorts’ are length from 60 cm to 180 cm. In addition, it is also possible to make a finger-joint of pieces of 180 – 600 cm length. Of course the wood quality of the original material has a major influence on the ultimate wood quality of the finger-jointed product. We will gladly discuss the quality criteria with you.

The strength and durability of the finger-jointed elements have been tested extensively. In general, GluGreen® finger-jointed wood is 1, 5 times stronger than conventional finger-jointed wood. It is perfectly suitable for use in wooden structures and in the garden sector. Angelim vermelho, Azobé and Massaranduba have been thoroughly tested, while there is also positive experience with Bilinga, Cumaru, Louro preto, Okan and Tali. Would you like to make use of the GluGreen® Technology? Ask us about the possibilities!

Details of the GluGreen® Technology 

The GluGreen® Technology uses another gluing method than conventional finger-joints. Even green timber, i.e. with a moisture content between 20% and 50%, can be used. GluGreen® finger-jointed timber should have ‘bottom cleareance’ in the connection (see picture), while this is not acceptable in conventional finger-jointed timber. The same is applicable for the wood fracture. Another GluGreen innovation is the kind of glue, which is normally used for heavy constructions such as windmills. This special glue, which is not easy to use, greatly improves the strength and durability of the connection.

GluGreen glues green tropical timber

Bottom clearance in GluGreen finger-jointed green tropical hardwood

Quality control

The quality of the finger-jointing process is strictly monitored. Samples are  routinely taken and tested. The monitoring process contributes to constant improvements and new ideas.


Behind the screens, developments are ongoing. Among other further improvements of the strength classes. Another exiting new direction is developing laminated timber for green hardwoods. During the research phase several important steps have been taken and these form a solid basis for developing the GluGreen® Technology for laminated timber.

More information

Read here the TNO ‘Summary of Research’

Technical information

7 years of research

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