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The finger-joint process of the GluGreen Technology realises a high-end product from tropical hardwood shorts

By the GluGreen Technology gluing of green (tropical) hardwood is fine

The typical fingers are designed for structural applications

Partly as a result of the selected glue, a super strong connection arises, which is suitable for exterior structural applications

The curing after the finger-joint process is very relevant for the strength of the product


GluGreen BV stands for gluing green timber, especially intended for structural use. Years of thorough research and extensive testing have led to this patented TNO technology. The result? A super strong and durable finger-joint that puts an end to discussions regarding length specifications and worries about distortions. On top of this, saw mills can also sell their shorts and recovery products by gluing them to a popular dimension. This leads to more high quality products from the same forest! GluGreen®: good for the timber processor and good for the forest. GluGreen®: good for you.


Would you like to glue a lot of timber? Please send us an email or use the contact form. Would you like to make use of the GluGreen® Technology? Please click here.

GluGreen: connecting durably and sustainably

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